Receiving customer’s experience with little-to-no cost, quick and precise


Quick feedback receiving with Easy, Real time and long-lasting contact with customers


continuous improvement in today's market's competitive atmosphere with the help of your customers


Receiving customer’s experience with little-to-no cost, quick and precise


Quick feedback receiving with Easy, Real time and long-lasting contact with customers


Real-time Feedback
Smart accountability
Smart informing
Satisfaction And Experience Analysis

Real-time Feedback

Have you ever had a client give you feedback only once or twice? We could help with that! Our platform was built with the idea of being able to receive quick feedback from your customers, from the very first seconds to the last parts of your services. With our platform you can receive real-time feedback inexpensively so that in today's competitive atmosphere you can realize your corporation and product's weaknesses and core strengths in real-time, You can increase your customer volume and raise the loyalty of your old customers. With Dideban24 you can use all of the available geographical presence of your customers to receive feedback with ease and low-cost methods.

Smart accountability

Smart Accountability With our unique feedback system and dashboard; the Dideban24 platform's ability to provide our clients access to examination and supervision over the feedback procedures. With inspiring policies, your employees can conveniently respond to your client's concerns and feedback without any defects. Using our flexible and organized platform, You can access all the options above at an affordable price along with your own real-time and effective supervision.

Smart informing

Smart informing Through Dideban24 you can effectively inform your clients of the required amount. Dideban24 has the ability to provide you with the platform to inform your clients of their rights and required information for the products and services.

Satisfaction And Experience Analysis

Customer experience analysis By Dideban24 is any type of in-depth study, evaluating how a customer (and potential customers) interact with a given brand. The analysis can include both direct contact and indirect contact with a brand. Direct contact would include interactions, at least in some ways, initiated by the company.

How It Works

Dideban24's platform has tried to make a multi-sided 360 view of customer's experiences and opinions for the corporation to analyze and compare the data from the real-time feedback system to help you not make the everyday mistakes of a one-sided view of feedback, to make sure your product gets better every day.

First Phase, Step 1

Establishing communication between your corporation and the Dideban24 platform and listing your desired items.

First Phase, Step 2

Grouping the desired items and assigning information for customer's awareness.

First Phase, Step 3

Assigns evaluation standards to the desired items and prioritizes them by their importance.

First Phase, Step 4

Assigning a QR code for each item.

First Phase, Step 5

Send feedback by scanning the QR codes with your smartphone.

Second Phase,Step 1

Assigning users, access, and a workflow structure to Manage feedback.

Second Phase,Step 2

Attend to customer feedback and comments using our integrated and quick user panel.

Second Phase,Step 3

Each user who sends feedback will have their own user panel which they can use to track their feedback and even comment on the automation process.

Second Phase,Step 4

Employee quickness and efficiency can be answered with rewards, persuasive and dissuasive actions.

Third Phase, Step 1

Check your workspace ratings in real-time with summarized and graphical data showcased in a management dashboard.

Third Phase, Step 2

You can monitor customer satisfaction from individual parts of your organization with graphical showcases.

Third Phase, Step 3

Customer Club monitoring in real-time with graphical showcases.

Third Phase, Step 4

Monitor your employee's efficiency in handling customer feedback via graphical showcases.

Fourth Phase, Step 1

Giving value to customer's feedback itself and the details that are with it.

Fourth Phase, Step 2

Giving value to Customer's feedback while it's in Automation and finalizing!

Fourth Phase, Step 3

Adding Discount cards for customers to buy with their earned points to thank them for their participation.

Fourth Phase, Step 4

Exchange Discount Cards with points and trade points in Dideban24's Marketplace.

Fifth Phase, Step 1

The customers will talk about your product or service to other people and do the marketing for you.

Fifth Phase, Step 2

The customers will give you ideas to improve your services.

Fifth Phase, Step 3

Through our platform, you can promote a product, and send ads or educational media on your services and products.

Fifth Phase, Step 4

Monitor your customer's loyalty through the received data and your company's growth.

Didban Application

Application Access exciting features and faster services with ease through our web app!

Achievements And Benefits

Increasing competitive understanding & Succeeding factors in competition leads to more profit.

Real-Time Awareness

Through Dideban24 you can see customers' feedback on your services and analyze them with built-in options. This ability makes a convenient atmosphere to help you decide better.

Revision & Continuously Improving

Dideban24's ability to make an all-around monitoring system for products or services, help you with needed Revision, and Continuously Improve your product.

Improving decision quality

With easy access to collected data and analytics, vast ways to have a report on your organization's situation, help your management team make better decisions.

On-Time Preventative Actions

Dideban24 platform's ability to design and exchange information via a vast and precise statistical population leads to on-time preventative actions taken with the highest effectiveness possible.

Capturing the Momentum

With the ability to receive customers' ideas, you can benefit from the treasure of ideas and thoughts that they preserve. You can make them participate more by rewarding them.

Lowering the cost of operations

Through Dideban24's use of smartphones and user intelligence, the supervision part is now on a customer which leads to not occupying your staff and preventing the management team to buy expensive equipment.

User Panel

With our flexible user panel interface, your clients can see feedback, analyze & manage them through graphical showcases. Your customers can use their panel to track their feedback in the automation system and earn points from making a relationship & connection with the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Item Based Feedbacking system mean?
It's a new way of receiving feedback that gives you the advantage of seeing a score on a specific item and helps with analyzing them. Like a product or a service that a company provides.
Dideban24 is a platform that was built with the idea to deepen the Please use the 'Contact Us' panel or use the contacting info on the website to stay in touch with us.
Our platform is an All-in-One service that can help an organization with its customer services and make the customers participate in helping them grow. It also rewards the customers for reaching out and voicing their opinion. This all leads to a low-cost Customer Club with a lot of options to analyze and interact with them.